Cold Coffee

Iced American Coffee with double espresso shot in Glass of ice and cold water

1.500 KD

Double espresso - milk - glass of ice

Double espresso - glass of ice - milk - our special mixture

1.500 KD

Double espresso - chocolate sauce - milk - ice cream vanilla -

double espresso - milk - caramel sauce - ice cream vanilla

2.000 KD

Manual Cold Brewed Coffee for 12 Hours

Brewed Coffee with double shot of Vanilla Shaker Mixture

Speciality Coffee
1.750 KD

1.750 KD

Hot Coffee

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French coffee with milk

Double espresso - poured milk - special mixture

Double espresso - Steamed milk - foam - chocolate powder

1.500 KD

Double espresso - steamed milk - little foam

1.500 KD

Espresso - Steamed milk - White Chocolate - Whipped cream

1.000 KD

Espresso - Milk Foam

Espresso - Steamed milk - Salted Caramel Mixture

Arabic coffee with saffron and cardamom

Hot Drinks
1.000 KD

1.000 KD